The media has placed much attention on young males in youth gangs but increasingly the number of females in or with strong links to gangs has risen. Of an estimated 174 gangs in London, 3 of which are exclusively girls. The story focuses on Shola, 22 who was a former gang member in Peckham and became involved with crime since the early age of 14. She has been to prison three times, once for knife crime. The day I met her she had only been out of prison for a month. She had come to a local youth club in Peckham to watch her old basketball team play. Shola has a talent for sport including making the national basketball team. A week later she was training with the same team.
My engagement with Shola spans a 6-week period within which I was interested to explore how she spends her days, her absence of relationships but also the tension between the positive aspects of her life, specifically sport and music, and the negative; lure of criminal activities.
location: London
mobile: +44 (0)7796 332541